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Salient Reflections

Where to start with this blog? I suppose if I was thirty years younger I would be vlogging, or posting short video clips via smart phone on social media. Everything seems to be “in the moment” nowadays. That’s why I’m an Old Gal I suppose! This time last week I was packing to return home … Continue reading Salient Reflections

A remarkable letter?

I saw a thing going round on Twitter the other day along the lines of what is your greatest achievement?  I expect a lot of people my age would reply with having children of whom they are proud, who do them credit. That doesn’t apply to me because I do not have children. I am, … Continue reading A remarkable letter?


It’s a while since I published a blog. I’ve had some personal issues to deal with and also helping someone else with same (but different, if you know what I mean). I’ve missed two “On this Day” dates that I wanted to either blog or Twitter thread, or both, but could not get my head … Continue reading Diversity?

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