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A Second VC for the MO

I might need my tin hat for this blog as it relates to an icon of the Great War.  I have been mulling writing this blog for a while, but as my Twitter feed has recently contained posts about double Victoria Cross winners, and also Gordon Corrigan’s Mud, Blood and Poppycock, I decided to let my small world … Continue reading A Second VC for the MO

A Long Long Trail Review

The glorious turn of the weather following such an abysmal Spring tends to mitigate against indoor work, so I’ll just leave this here in lieu of a blog post. A review of Frank Speaking by Chris Baker posted on his invaluable website for researchers of the Great War i.e. the Long Long Trail. Thanks Chris.

Wee Pat and Lanky Frank

Wee Pat dropped through my letterbox a few days ago, which was a pleasant surprise as I had forgotten I’d pre-ordered it some months previously.  Pat Nevin is one of my all time favourite Chelsea F.C. players.  Opening it put me in mind of my own book published a few weeks previously, especially the sub-title the accidental … Continue reading Wee Pat and Lanky Frank

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